AI Lead Management Accelerator

Our AI Lead Management Accelerator enables rapid personalised responses to inbound leads, whilst keeping your sales team in loop and without you needing to change any of the elements of your existing tech stack


Built With Workato

Workato is the leading IPaaS tool on the market and as Workato's only RevOps specific partner in EMEA we have focused on building enterprise grade solutions to common RevOps use cases on top of the platform. Our accelerators follow Workato and Industry best practices to allow you to easily and safely leverage AI within your existing tech stack. The best bit is that if you implement one of our accelerators, then you have the full power of the Workato platform available to you with which to build other integration and automation 

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Use Cases:

  • Increasing the speed of response to leads
  • Automating personalised responses
  • Unifying disparate systems used in lead gen
  • Automating the creation of leads in CRM
  • Automating the allocation of leads to sellers
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How it Works

The Accelerator is a pre-built framework of automations built using a modular microservices architecture within Workato. It is built and tested to full production grade for both HubSpot and Salesforce. However, the benefit of using this rather than changing something in your tech stack for yet another SaaS app is that it can be flexed to your specific requirements and processes. Our expert team will help you adapt the Accelerator for your specific requirements and deploy it within your environment, including training and full process documentation specific to your organisation. 

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